1. What is the Be VEE project?
Be VEE is a CC0 NFT project derived from RDR’s Feel Good MV. There are so many fans of RDR and her artworks. They like to post secondary creations of RDR characters. It is completely fair for her fans to have one of RDR's characters for free to own and to utilize in their creation.
2. What is the definition of the free mint and CC0?
A free mint NFT offers people a chance to mint a NFT at no cost. Gas fees for minting are only required. Holders can modify, distribute and use the Summer NFT WITHOUT any permissions.
3. How can I get on the whitelists?
Please go to visit our twitter account @BeVEENFT and show some love. It is fairly easy to be on the whitelists as long as you support and show your interest in our project by interacting with the posts. VEE her friends, VEE creative and VEE yourself!
4. How do I know it’s not a scam?
‘Be VEE’ is the official CC0 project of RDR. To be a scam, it should involve investment. However, we do not ask for any payment for the NFTs with cryptocurrencies and even with fiat currencies. We only invite you to our community to participate, interact with our posts and have fun. Also, RDR posted about the ‘Be VEE’ project on her official Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as YouTube channel.
5. What about the issue regarding the environment?
Ethereum moves to PoS (Proof-of-Stake) which utilizes 99% less energy than the present PoW (Proof-of-Work) in September. The energy issue is what we also care about.